The Team

Our multi-lingual team consists of a healthy mixture of young people with ideas about modern business and some "old hands" with decades of experience in the automotive parts business. This synergy gives us a strong energy and motivation to handle your necessities in the best and most efficient way.


Mr. Holger Fraustein – CEO

Managing Director and Shareholder

Strategy, Organisation, Product Development, Sales-Aids

Phone: +49-421-247526-0

Fax: +49-421-247526-69

e-mail: holger(at)

Languages: German, English

Mr. Marcus Stephan – COO

Sales, Purchases, Finance, Staff

Phone: +49-421-247526-11

Fax: +49-421-247526-69

e-mail: marcus(at)

Languages: German, English, basic Spanish

Marcus is the first contact for all customers and suppliers and their frequent primary person to talk about purchases, sales and payments. If Holger is absent, Marcus is in charge.

Mrs. Gaby Nickel – Manager for Logistics and Order Processing

Phone: +49-421-247526-10

Fax: +49-421-247526-69

e-mail: gaby(at)

Languages: German, English

Gaby takes care of all issues connected to forwarding, customs, insurances, legal procedures. She also heads the order-administration. If Marcus is absent Gaby is in charge.

Mr. Marc Stiller – CIO

IT Manager

Phone: +49-421-247526-44

Fax: +49-421-247526-69

e-mail: marc(at)

Languages: German, English

Marc is responsible for our IT, database, writing programs.

Mr. Wolfgang Gastiger – Technical Adviser

e-mail: wolfgang(at)

Languages: German, English

Wolfgang, a Mercedes trained mechanic, worked for some years in Australia as an Automatic Transmission Specialist. He provides technical support.

Mrs. Karen Meyer – Bookkeeping and Accounts Manager

Phone: +49-421-247526-15

Fax: +49-421-247526-69


Languages: German

Karen takes care of accounts and payments and she preparing the frequent statements you may receive.

Mrs. Birgit Schwecke – Production Manager

Phone: +49-421-247526-65

Fax: +49-421-247526-69

e-mail: birgit(at)

Languages: German

Birgit plans and organizes our production. She is responsible that our own products are always available.

Her production team consists of Tanja Egbers, Michaela Immenroth, who replaces Birgit when she is away, and Bärbel Gröne Maria Wotzka and Sevda Merse.

Our team for customer service and order processing headed by Mrs. Gaby Nickel consist of:


Mr. Peter Burchhardt – Regional Manager

Phone: +49-421-247526-21

Fax: +49-421-247526-69

e-mail: peter(at)

Languages: German, English

Peter is responsible for our business in Middle East, Africa, South-East Asia, Oceania (Australia and New Zealand), Southern Europe, Scandinavia, Benelux, the UK and Ireland. He handles orders and replies to inquiries.

Mrs. Lisa Luehrs – Regional Manager

Phone: +49-421-247526-22

Fax: +49-421-247526-69

e-mail: lisa(at)

Languages: German, English, French, Spanish

Lisa works on all orders and requests from French and Spanish speaking countries, Portugal and from North-, Central- and South America. She handles orders and replies to inquiries.

Mr. Moritz Loeffler – Order Administration

Phone: +49-421-247526-23

Fax: +49-421-247526-69


Languages: German, English

Moritz works on all orders.

Mrs. Manuela Eils – Follow-up, Documentation

Manuela takes care that we have all documents at hand which we need for the distribution of our products. She follows-up on delivery deadlines and checks all incoming invoices.

Phone: +49-421-247526-19

Fax: +49-421-247526-69

e-mail: manuela(at)

Languages: German, English

Our team in the warehouse headed by Marcus Stephan consists of:

Jan Schweier – Control of incoming goods, packing and dispatch

Uwe Ramin – storage and picking

Engelbert Wodzka – packing and dispatch

Mirco Gickel storage and picking